Messy Miracles: The Unfiltered Truth about Manifesting Abundance Through Depression, Addiction, and Divorce

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What people are saying about Messy Miracles

“Kristy’s book is a real, raw reflection on the journey to healing. Told in an engaging and compelling manner, Kristy brings authentic insight and truth. This is a powerful book that will change the lives of many.”

~Annie Grace, Founder of This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol and best-selling author

“I love this book. I love Kristy’s direct approach to telling her story of transformation and her journey of recovery in such a simple and authentic way. It’s an easy engaging (and fun!) read that is inspiring and insightful that gives the “how-to” for anyone who is struggling or lost in confusion or addiction who wants to find a way to peace, joy and clarity. This is a powerful story that gives a step-by-step method for ending addiction and transforming your life by being who you really are. Messy Miracles can help anyone who has been praying for a miracle. Kristy is living proof of what happens when you have the willingness to make small changes and to see things in a new way.”

~Lisa Natoli, Founder of The 40-Day Program of Transformation and The Healing Cure

“Messy Miracles is a breakthrough book. Kristy’s approach and openness are a refreshing change from most of what’s being written in this space. There’s a lot we can learn from being so open and authentic about our own journeys through reading this account. I applaud this effort.”

~Gerard Armond Powell, Founder of Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica

“Kristy gives a raw and honestly authentic narrative of her journey through addiction to spiritual awakening. This book is packed with helpful information for those on a similar path.  It is a book of hope and healing and I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with addiction.”

~Chris Tremaine, MPC, LCPC

“Messy Miracles is one of the best recovery stories I’ve ever read. The writing is captivating, and the amount of hope and encouragement Kristy gives is priceless. I’ve seen many an author share their painful life story with no guidance for the readers to get through their pain. The amount of healing Kristy has experienced is such a breath of fresh air for those of us with messy lives looking for hope. I highly recommend it.”

~Nanette O’Neal, Author of A Doorway Back to Forever series

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