Hi, I’m Kristy LeRay (Longfellow).  I have a passion to help women heal, recover, and live life with passion.

I share insights about personal and professional growth, transformation, and becoming the woman you were designed to be through books, videos, online coaching programs, and group facilitations.

You’ll benefit from my honest approach, non-judgmental nature, and years of learning things the hard way.  😊  I have many years of personal development training and am a certified Coach for Your Secret Name and Unhackable.


Encouragement. Hope. Authenticity.

I believe we are all souls on a human journey and have much to learn and explore.  The challenges we face can make us or break us depending on how we choose to live.

I offer support, tools, and techniques that have the power to transform lives.  The choice to do the work is yours.  Face the pain, make the necessary changes, and you can make miracles out of messes!


For many years I chose to numb my pain and believed I was unworthy of love. This resulted in addictions, depression, eating disorders, and unhealthy relationships.

On the outside, I appeared to be “living the dream” and was a successful business owner married with a beautiful home and lakeside cabin, but on the inside, I was dying.

A devastating divorce turned my life upside down and I was forced to give up life as I knew it and start over.  Through deep personal work I have found light on the other side and want to support others on their journey of healing.


I empower women to shine their authentic light and LIVE OUT LOUD!

Substances, negative self-talk, and unhealthy relationships smother our light and do not allow us to shine as the beautiful sparks of divine we are.

We are all unique and imperfectly perfect.

Authentic women shining bright have the power to change the world!

“In her constant search to try to figure out what was wrong with her. She realized what was wrong, was thinking something was wrong with her.”  Messy Miracles

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4 Simple Practices to Transform Messes to Miracles