Spiritually Align Your Business:  Interview with Adrienne Rivera, The Enlightened Entrepreneur

Coming out of the funk of divorce and depression and moving forward into abundance and success.  Realizing the massive blessings we already have puts on in the flow of receiving more.  Gratitude can start very small, but it will grow.

When you see the world differently, it becomes different.

If you are not feeling happy with your life, there may be something going on inside.  Be willing to take an honest look at your life and what might be blocking the flow of happiness.  There may be some forgiveness work you need to do.  Start thinking of everyone in your life you have ever had or currently have a grievance with and start forgiving them one at time.  Writing forgiveness letters is a very powerful practice and frees you.

Can you find something in your grievances to be thankful for?  What have you learned from those who have hurt you?  Flip the story.  We have the power to flip the stories in our life from one of victim to one of victor.  Choose victory.  Do not let anyone or anything hold you small.

Acceptance put you in that magical “Now” moment where you get clarity for your next steps.

You have a choice on what you focus on.  Focus on the negative you get more of that.  Focus on the positive, you get more of that.  Energy flows where attention goes.  What do you want more of in life?

Success in my opinion is knowing your purpose and feeling like you are doing what you are meant to do.

You will never outperform your own beliefs about yourself.


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